15th Jan 2018, 12:00 AM in Break the Cage
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Chapter 2 Page1

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Comic 43 - Chapter 2 Page1

15th Jan 2018, 12:00 AM
Hey all, I guess I was still pushing too hard to get back into things, I've come to realize there are some things I must work out before the comic comes back full swing, like cast page content, a PROPER comic buffer of about five or so pages, as well as fix a couple things in the script that were REALLY bugging me. I've been holding off on this message because I really didn't want to go on a hiatus already but at this rate I'm going nowhere. I want to eventually open a patreon for the comic as well but before that I have to work out these problem that make updates so infrequent.
Thanks for reading.

Alright, back in the swing of things! (for now at least) Lets get this show on the road! Thanks for your patience.