22nd Aug 2018, 10:06 PM in Break the Cage
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Chapter 2 Page 8

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Comic 50 - Chapter 2 Page 8

22nd Aug 2018, 10:06 PM
Aaaaaah! Finally! I've never been this indecisive on a page before. Rewrote the script like 5 times, edited the layout about three times. It doses't help that I'm super busy getting ready to move either. I think the page came out okay though. I honestly think having a consistent schedule is important, but at this point its out the window until the dust settles with the move. It's the big independent move too so I'm freakin' out just a little, but I'll be alright. In short, updates will be spotty (nothing new there) but not completely gone like a hiatus.

Also R.I.P Roomba, it died in the name of SCIENCE!


23rd Aug 2018, 5:44 PM
Huh, did the roombas exist since that long?

Good luck with your moving! Also thanks for telling the readership :)

<typo helper mode>
first panel: "I was" -> "it was" most likely,
last panel: "your not" -> "you're not"
</ typo helper mode>
25th Aug 2018, 9:39 PM
Fixed the typos, thanks for the heads up!

Also yeah the first Roomba was released in 2002 I believe, so in that scene the Roomba had been a thing for about 6 years.
26th Aug 2018, 7:30 PM
Man... thinking of Isaac Asimov's robot stories... There are no robot nannies, but... roombas, automatic lawn mowers (no Lawn Mower Man needed), self driving cars (including discussions about whom they should kill and whom they should spare in case of an accident)... the robots are all around us, they just are no humanoids.